ARX DESIGN GROUP have been established in 2000 in Istanbul as Mete Nisari being the founder of the group. Since then ARX has designed; contracted over 50 Million USD of projects in Turkey and all around Europe. ARX has been shortlisted by the Pioneers of the hospitality and Corporate of the leading brands & companies such as PHILIP MORRIS, ACCOR, HILTON, and many other companies. Lately, Mete Nisari has created a partnership with Alexandra La Capria in 2010 where since then where Alexandra La Capria is managing the Design services where Mete Nisari is taking care of the Development & Contracting side.


ARX Founder ; Mete Nisari had the ability and the experience of Developing and merging business between the investors& hospitality managment companies to realize many projects. Such as merging ACCOR-AKSEL group in Turkey in 2006 where the first of their project have been designed& contracted by ARX at Zeytinburnu ; ISTANBUL as being the first brand of NOVOTEL-IBIS in Turkey.